sarah e mcdonald

Executive coaching & mentoring

Why I became a coach.

Over the course of my 30-year career, I have worked in financial services, strategy consulting, and tech. I have worked at companies BIG and small. I have been an individual contributor as well as the leader of large teams. The majority of my roles have been operational (I love bringing order to chaos), however my favorite moments have been those where I have had the great privilege of developing the humans on my team. I see coaching as a natural extension of that work.

How I approach coaching

I see coaching as an individualized one-on-one process that builds a person’s capacity to achieve both short and long term personal, professional, and organizational goals. With attention on self-awareness, coaching enables leaders to manage workplace challenges inherent in their role that result in both personal growth and organizational results.

Coaching is founded on the beliefs that:

  • Coach-client are equal partners in the process
  • Clients are resourceful and capable
  • Coach-client work should be goal-oriented, focused on observable outcomes that impact business results

What Others Are Saying